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When parents separate, the hardest time for them is setting up a parenting plan and cooperating with each other in doing so. There are several definitions used in custody:

Shared Legal Custody: This means that both parents shall communicate and work together regarding major educational, medical, and religious decisions regarding their children.

Shared Physical Custody: The parties share their time with their children. The schedule may be week on week off, month on month off with every other weekend, or any other schedule that the children spend as close to equal time with each parent.

Primary Physical Custody: This is when the children primarily reside in one of the parent's residences.

Partial Physical Custody: This is when the other parent has their parenting time with their children. It can be on weekends or after school one or two days per week, vacations, and holidays.

Visitation: This is when the parent needs to be supervised and the visits take place in the primary custodian's residence.

I have found that when parents separate is when emotions run the highest. It is important not to let your emotions run over and affect your children. Children should not be in the crossfire of two parents' failed relationship. I have also found that after countless court battles and needless legal fees, parents calm down and can see their way clear to planning and cooperating for the best interests of their children. Since I am also trained as a mediator and collaborative attorney, I can assist in reaching an amicable resolution without a long drawn out legal process.

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