My Journey…

I first thought of pursuing a career as an attorney when I was taking a course in the inequalities of our judicial system during my undergrad work at Penn State. By the time I finished that course, I had made up my mind to attend law school and become an attorney. Once I graduated law school and passed the Bar Exam, the first area of law I practiced was a Pro-Bono case involving child custody. Today I still practice Family Law as well as Real Estate and Estate Planning, Criminal, Business, Probate and Contracts.

My Focus…

I love these areas of law because I am a people person and all of these areas of practice bring me face to face with real people. Helping people through the most difficult time in their life during a divorce or helping people embark on a wonderful moment in their life by helping them buy their first home, either way I am here to help and enjoy what I do. I know it sound cliche, but I truly enjoy helping people…that is what it is all about. Helping real people with real problems and guiding them through with as little stress as possible.

My Mission…

I offer my clients personal attention, customer service and caring and compassionate legal assistance. I pride myself in always calling my clients back when they call me. My mission is to give each and every client their due importance and their fair day in court if needed. I promise that you will be heard.

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